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We are your competent partner

Since 2003 we are producing electric and electronic equipment. We develop hard- and software mainly for industrial applications. To be a sucessful we apply only high and up-to-date technologies.

From idea to product

The first meeting: We discuss your ideas in a unstrained atmosphere. You can utilize our long-time experience in order to shape your ideas in a way that your products become well-developed and economically profitable. Our close and good coorporation will ensure that all your requirements will be met.
Development: We develop your products applying the newest hard- and software tools, such as Altium Designer (Protel)  and Inventor and other programms for design of electrical and electronics circuits.
Prototype: After having finished the development we supply a prototype, so you can test it alone or together with us. If modifications are necessary, they can would be done at the next step. As soon as the prototyping is completed, we start the production and your equipment will be produced.
Production: We produce electric and electronic equipment for you, even if they are not designed by us. Anyway, the Switzerland quality of your products is guaranteed.
  Warranty, Service and spare parts and trainings are traditionally included.