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Selcal Coder

The Selcal Coder is a selective calling unit for aeronautical telecommunication. It simplifies the build-up of radio contact from ground to air.
The operation is quite easy: Enter the code. Press the button "CALL" to transmit. In the selected airplane the pilot will see a signal lamp and answer. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assigns the code.We have been producing these devices for more than 25 years. About 680 units are installed world wide. Please check our Selcal Reference List down right.
Further Specifications: Download PDF-Files
BE 993-150 Desktop BE 993-150 Rack BE 701-250 Desktop BE 701-250 Rack
Zoom: BE 993-150 Desktop Zoom: BE 993-150 Rack Zoom: BE 701-250 Desktop Zoom: BE 701-250 Rack
Features BE 993-150 Features BE 701-250
- Microcontroller operating
- 8-digit lighted display
- Desktop or Rack version
- simple operation
- same as BE 993-150, plus:
- 32-digit lighted display
- keyboard with 42 buttons
- 3 different modes of operation
  selcal reference list.pdf-->